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Books Available from Ronald Griffin

 In an epic battle between good and evil, young Namon will discover what being the last of his kind truly means - born of a destiny with the power to protect all of humanity. He must come to terms with his fate and seek out the one responsible for his parents deaths and the near extinction of the White Wolves.

The night that the vampire Aluana meets Namon, she was just out looking for a good time. Needing to escape the fear of her unknown past and origins, she wasn't expecting a harmless dance to have unintended consequences. She finds herself falling in love for what she suspects is the first time. Namon may be the key she needs to unlock hidden memories, but at what cost?
Now the two are caught between mortal enemies and the worlds destiny lies in their hands....

(the print version is down currently for review but the Ebook version is still available.)

 Cyrus is dead and Galamythe has been destroyed, Aluanas' memory is restored, and Namons' destiny has come full circle as the leader of a new team of White Wolves. However when a mysterious woman comes into Brices' life things start to get a little on the wild side. New monsters start appearing in Macon and Denominos plots from within the shadows. An organization known as P.S.I. (Paranormal Supernatural Investigations) has been established to help protect the citizens of Macon, but the White Wolves are still the first line of defense. 

Love is in the air as all the wolves pair off with the loves of their lives. Or could one of those love be something else other than what they portray themselves as?

Events unfold to split the White Wolves up and each of them are put to the test as they all meet new people and creatures from pixies to ancient Egyptian deities. Who can be trusted and who and who will be adding to the deceptions in the works. 

Did you enjoy reading all about Namon and the skinwalkers' from Blood Stained Lives? Did you want to know more about where the Skinwalkers' came from? How about the previous White Wolves before Namon? All of these things are explained within the pages of this anthology. All of your favorite skinwalkers' Brice, Kieran, Sierra, Kaya, and Eric have their own spotlight before they become a family. You can also read about Namons' godmother Katrinas' first meeting with the Skinwalkers' and paved the path for Namons' future all in the Skinwalker section. For a little bit more on the previous White Wolves and their enemies the Shadow Cats be sure to check out the White Wolves and the Rise of the Shadow Cats. These stories are filled with destiny along with tragedy as the people our heroes love the most are turned against them. Then you can get a sneak peak at characters that will be brought into future additions to the Blood Stained Saga with the mysticals and rogues

Sylvia- A beautiful woman leaving an abusive cheating boyfriend. 

Mike- A soldier raised by a single mother who hasn't found the right woman to love. 
The Zombie apocalypse that brings them together. 
When genetically altered animals escape a military lab and infect the citizens of Chesterton. Two people meet and find love in an impossible scenario. Will they survive the dead? Will they survive the Drama?

What do you do when you've struggled most of your life to make a name for yourself? Or better yet what do you do when opportunity comes knocking from an unlikely older man seeking companionship? Rose is a sweet girl who is timid by nature, but circumstances put her into an unusual situation causing her to act out of her nature. One day she does meet someone that she can have a life with but by chosing this man she risks losing all of the help she has received getting to where she is. Will she choose love or money? The answer is within these pages.

When monsters hid in your closet or under your bed who will come to save the day? Kara, Ziggy, Harley, and Patch are teddy bears ready to go on adventures with their trusty dinosaur friend rex to protect you from ghosts, monsters, and anything else that goes bump in the night. So grab on and enjoy the adventure as the teddies take on monsters.